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What's Working in Ecommerce

Nov 29, 2023

In this podcast episode, Lauren Lee from ClickBank delves into affiliate marketing for e-commerce businesses. 

She shares the different types of affiliates, the importance of having a clear strategy, and the potential of email list management as an overlooked channel. 

Lauren also shares a success story of a brand called Organifi that used ClickBank and performance affiliates to scale their acquisition efforts.

She explains how Organifi used dedicated landing pages to convert customers and retain them within their ecosystem. 

She also highlights the educational resources available on ClickBank for affiliates and sellers.


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00:00:00 - Introduction

00:01:26 - Introducing affiliate marketing and its basic principles.

00:02:05 - Exploring types of affiliates and strategies.

00:04:31 - Who benefits from affiliate marketing and considerations.

00:10:47 - Influencers' impact on product perception for different audiences.

00:11:46 - Influencer warm traffic vs. performance affiliate cold traffic.

00:12:02 - Affiliates' criteria for driving traffic to an offer.

00:22:12 - Success story: Organifi's growth with ClickBank and performance affiliates.

00:23:53 - Organifi's solution-oriented landing page and customer retargeting.

00:24:57 - ClickBank's free resources for brands and leveraging performance affiliates.