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What's Working in Ecommerce

Sep 12, 2023

In this podcast episode, Halie Adams, Senior Agency Enablement Manager of BigCommerce provides an overview of BigCommerce as an e-commerce platform that supports merchants of all sizes and differentiates itself from other platforms. 


She delves into the importance of marketing, personalization, and managing multiple brands. 


She highlights the significance of personalization in the B2B sector and selling in multiple countries or regions. 


Halie points out the benefits of managing multiple storefronts in a single place and encourages businesses to consider BigCommerce for tailored experiences.


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You can find Halie Adams from BigCommerce here: 


00:00:03 - Egan Heath introduces Caravan Digital, an e-commerce agency.

00:01:03 - Halie Adams introduced, discussing BigCommerce as e-commerce platform.

00:01:05 - Halie Adams explains multi-storefront concept for e-commerce businesses.

00:09:06 - Significance of brand story and personalization in marketing.

00:10:05 - B2B buyers expect personalized online experience, businesses must deliver.

00:11:55 - Importance of localized websites when selling in different regions.

00:18:47 - Example of company using multi-storefronts to manage multiple brands.

00:19:33 - BigCommerce allows different pricing and user experiences for sales.

00:22:04 - Ability to create unique experiences and manage multiple websites using BigCommerce.