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What's Working in Ecommerce

Sep 8, 2023

In this podcast episode, Olly Richards, owner of StoryLearning, an online education business, shares his unique career path and discusses the impact of the internet on the creator economy. Learn the importance of diversifying marketing channels and the proper way to repurpose content across different platforms.


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00:01:02 - Olly Richards on career path and industry experience.

00:02:13 - Olly Richards on the transition to online education business.

00:06:41 - Olly Richards on using stories for language learning.

00:09:11 - Internet democratizes knowledge and removes gatekeepers.

00:11:25 - Scaling a knowledge-based business and building a brand.

00:15:19 - Diversifying marketing channels after scaling primary channel.

00:19:32 - Repurposing content without considering platform leads to low traction.

00:20:36 - Popular video transformed into engaging blog post example.

00:25:20 - Focus on high-quality content that stands out.

00:28:17 - Elements of a strong offer on sales page.

00:30:20 - Approach to sales optimization and testing variables.

00:33:57 - Importance of large tests on offer in sales process.

00:37:41 - Olly Richards on book strategy and reaching different audiences.

00:39:47 - Books diversify audience sources and attract readers.

00:41:44 - Underutilized opportunity for marketers to write valuable books.