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What's Working in Ecommerce

Sep 27, 2023

In this podcast episode, we focus on the importance of global product sourcing for e-commerce store owners and brands. 

Sebastian Herz from Zignify Global Product Sourcing shares his background and experience in product sourcing, particularly in China. 

He discusses the factors to consider when partnering with a supplier, the challenges of finding the right suppliers and negotiating prices, and the importance of quality control. 

Sebastian also provides tips for contacting potential suppliers and shares a strategy called the "undercover hack" for getting better prices. 

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00:00:00 - Introduction

00:01:02 - Sebastian explains global product sourcing and its importance.

00:02:02 - Sebastian shares his background and journey into product sourcing.

00:04:10 - Sebastian describes challenges faced when sourcing products in China.

00:08:56 - Tips for evaluating potential suppliers, including checking reviews.

00:09:54 - Difficulties and disagreements when working with suppliers.

00:10:41 - Advantages of working in an international business environment.

00:18:11 - Importance of considering supplier reliability for future business.

00:20:07 - Comprehensive search for potential suppliers to find the best.

00:23:26 - Importance of obtaining all contact data for suppliers.

00:26:12 - Challenges of finding the right supplier for a product.

00:27:07 - Manufacturers offering bribes to sourcing agencies.

00:33:15 - Emphasis on quality control during mass production.

00:35:11 - Negotiating prices with suppliers and pretending to be new.

00:36:07 - Difficulty in getting money back from suppliers in China.

00:37:09 - Strategy of finding new suppliers and renegotiating prices.