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What's Working in Ecommerce

Nov 27, 2023

In this podcast episode, Ben Fisher, CEO and Co-founder of Rodeo, joins host Eagan Heath to discuss the importance of subscriptions in eCommerce and the challenges faced by direct-to-consumer brands in implementing successful subscription models. 


Ben shares his experience and insights on building consumer-centric subscription solutions. He highlights the importance of providing solutions to the problems faced by non-technical, creative marketers in the e-commerce industry. 


Ben also explains the consumer-centric approach taken by Rodeo, offering flexibility and aligning with the actual needs of the consumer. He emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance in subscription reminders and optimizing subscription programs.


 Ben also shares his advice on understanding the market and finding a segment that wants what you've built.


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You can find Ben Fisher from Rodeo here: 



00:00 - Introduction

01:19 - Ben Fisher on the importance of subscriptions in ecommerce.

05:02 - Ben Fisher on challenges of subscription models.

08:35 - Ben Fisher on "on-demand" subscriptions.

10:41 - Significance of reminders for subscription renewals and customer inaction.

12:04 - Key metrics to track in subscription programs.

14:09 - Incentives beyond discounts to attract and retain subscribers.

20:15 - Difference between opt-out and opt-in subscriptions.

21:16 - Importance of finding a market segment that wants your product.

25:33 - Observing market pain points and pivoting product.

31:15 - Transitioning from services to SaaS and bridging the gap.

32:17 - Rodeo's flexible consumer subscription experience to improve retention.

32:52 - Check out Rodeo's podcast, Subscription Radio.