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What's Working in Ecommerce

Nov 15, 2023

In this episode, Michael Epstein, co-founder of PostPilot, shares about the effectiveness of postcard marketing and direct mail in the eCommerce industry. 

He highlights the decline in email engagement rates and the need for alternative marketing channels. 

PostPilot aims to be a streamlined direct mail solution, allowing brands to send personalized postcards to their target audience. 

Michael emphasizes the importance of retention campaigns and shares the key considerations for brands getting started with direct mail. 

He also shares success stories and highlights the importance of recency and frequency in customer behavior. 

He highlights the format of direct mail pieces and the use of robotic technology for personalized handwritten notes.


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00:00:00 - Introduction

00:01:22 - Shift in consumer behavior, increasing demand for direct mail.

00:03:46 - Direct mail for prospecting and acquisition, moving up funnel.

00:06:20 - Obtaining physical mailing addresses, syncing with Shopify, matching leads.

00:09:22 - Refill reminder campaign after 90 days, 24x ROI.

00:10:30 - Tracking attribution: subsequent purchases, coupon code usage.

00:11:54 - QR codes for reduced friction, specialty landing pages.

00:18:59 - Recency and frequency in determining customer likelihood.

00:19:59 - Effective for older and younger audiences, novelty factor.

00:23:10 - Personalized handwritten notes and envelopes for VIP customers.